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Hello. From time-to-time, we are all faced with challenges that we’d like some guidance wDavid G. Giese welcome letterith. They might be work/life balance dilemmas, time or money management issues, life transitions or help with business challenges.  We often desire the assistance from a coach or a mentor, someone who has perhaps walked the same path you find yourself on.

I have coached, mentored and helped others in many personal and professional ways throughout my life.  By studying success techniques and life skills, I have found that happiness, achievement and success can be earned by each of us. I have a wonderful family, have been blessed with great health and have had a great career which has provided me with many professional experiences. As I transition my own career from the high-tech world to helping others through coaching services, I hope I can help you, wherever you are in your life.  Please review my information and if you feel I can help you in any way please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you

David G. Giese – Life and Business Coach

512-944-2435 or goalcoach@verizon.net

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